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Aetna Direct PPO Dental Plan

Your future looks bright.

Get first day coverage!

We’ve got you and your family covered with two great choices for dental insurance.

  • Direct Preferred PPO
  • Direct Core PPO

Now you and your family can choose from two great Aetna Dental® plans. Both cover preventive care, as well as basic and major dental services, so you can keep on smiling for years to come.

  • Our Direct Preferred PPO plan lets you pay less for some common services.
  • Our Direct Core PPO plan lets you pay a lower monthly premium. See dentists both in and out of our network It’s your choice.

You can visit one of our network dentists or go outside the network. Just keep in mind that network dentists have agreed to provide covered services at a special rate. If you go outside the network, you won’t get that special rate.


Direct Preferred PPO Information 

Direct Preventive PPO Information